Connor Pickard

Photo by Graham Dorsay.

I am a Photographer, Explorer, and Entrepreneur based in Victoria, BC.

I'm thankful for the great opportunities that I have had in my life so far. These opportunities have allowed me to work and learn alongside Paul Nicklen of National Geographic, take photos for companies internationally, and document many people's wedding days, among other things.

I co-founded a business, Swell Social, as a result of these experiences. Swell is a Social Media Marketing agency that focuses on creating high-quality campaigns for clients using the stunning content that we create.

However, photography is truly where my heart is. I love photographing People & Places candidly. I like to photograph life as it is. This is why you won't see any elaborate set-ups or ND-filtered landscapes in my portfolio. When photographing people I love to watch how they interact with each other, and then suggest poses based on how they act. When I'm shooting a place the 'posing' is done for me, I just make sure to find a good way to frame the world.

I like to make people feel comfortable, relaxed, and candid during shoots, and I think it shows in my photos. Maybe it is the West-Coast in me, but I truly believe the best photos happen by accident, and I just make sure I am in the right place to capture the moment when they do. 

Interested in working together? So am I.